Is there a such thing as a “Normal” life for Teachers?

Browsing through articles, I came across one titled, ” Why a Teacher Cannot have a Normal Life…” This article resonated with me for when I was an English teacher at Edison High School, where I connected with up to 200 students on a daily basis, I found that I would never be Francine again but always representing my school and occupation as “Ms. Johnson” the teacher.

In the article, the author mentions five things that the non-teacher may not know about the life of a teacher. Number three hit closest to home for me and my experience as an educator. As Ms. Johnson, I had no privacy. Being single, if I wanted to go on a date, I could not go to the local movie theater without running into my students. I wanted to keep my personal life personal. Shopping at the local mall or flea market (Southern California’s equivalent to a swap meet) always ended up in conversations with high school students and their parents. Very necessary tasks such as grocery shopping or a trip to Target couldn’t be done without make-up or a “roll out of the bed and go” appearance. Needless to say, for the most part, I venture outside of my town to shop or watch a movie in the theater.

Number four still comes into play for me now; We can’t get sick. When I was teaching, it was so much easier to just come to school and fight through a cold or the flu than to make lesson plans for three different classes. I feel the same now as an administrator for if I miss work, I get so far behind in my duties and emails that it takes me days to get back on track.

I invite you to read this article for it is a lighthearted reminder of just how much dedication and hard work goes into our profession as well as the sacrifices our teachers make on a daily basis: