About the author…

Hello all! My name is Francine Baird and I am the new kid on the blog. This is my first blogging experience and so far I seem to being navigating through this journey called blogging ok.

I am an educator and have been in education for 14 years with the last five being in administration. I began my educational journey as a secondary English teacher at a large comprehensive high school. I entered the elementary world in 2013. The transition from secondary to elementary was a welcomed challenge and I enjoy the interaction with my staff and students on a daily basis.

Education was not my first career nor my second. I have a strong background in retail banking,  in marketing for a major retailer as well as law enforcement as a probation officer. I feel my life experiences in these fields have prepared me to take on any challenge with a smile and positive demeanor.

My aim is to introduce, suggest and provide insight into effective systems thinking in the K-12 educational model. I would like to touch on rapport, culture, climate and those infrastructures that are imperative to building capacity and sustaining it.

There are essential needs our teachers and students should have to be successful in the learning environment. This blog will assist in identifying those strategies and providing a friendly conversation regarding The Baird Necessities.


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