Is there a such thing as a “Normal” life for Teachers?

Browsing through articles, I came across one titled, ” Why a Teacher Cannot have a Normal Life…” This article resonated with me for when I was an English teacher at Edison High School, where I connected with up to 200 students on a daily basis, I found that I would never be Francine again but always representing my school and occupation as “Ms. Johnson” the teacher.

In the article, the author mentions five things that the non-teacher may not know about the life of a teacher. Number three hit closest to home for me and my experience as an educator. As Ms. Johnson, I had no privacy. Being single, if I wanted to go on a date, I could not go to the local movie theater without running into my students. I wanted to keep my personal life personal. Shopping at the local mall or flea market (Southern California’s equivalent to a swap meet) always ended up in conversations with high school students and their parents. Very necessary tasks such as grocery shopping or a trip to Target couldn’t be done without make-up or a “roll out of the bed and go” appearance. Needless to say, for the most part, I venture outside of my town to shop or watch a movie in the theater.

Number four still comes into play for me now; We can’t get sick. When I was teaching, it was so much easier to just come to school and fight through a cold or the flu than to make lesson plans for three different classes. I feel the same now as an administrator for if I miss work, I get so far behind in my duties and emails that it takes me days to get back on track.

I invite you to read this article for it is a lighthearted reminder of just how much dedication and hard work goes into our profession as well as the sacrifices our teachers make on a daily basis:


2 thoughts on “Is there a such thing as a “Normal” life for Teachers?

  1. Thankfully my mother taught me never to leave the house without “lips and eyes” because you are so right Francine. We are always on stage whether we like it or not and the smaller the town, the worse it is. And yes, going “out” involves a trip out of town.

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