Technology on the past and present state of education

Why technology fails to revolutionize education? Derek Muller published this video discussing some very interesting ideas on the past and present state of education and the effect that technology has had on it.

The topic of teachers also comes up and guess what? Again it is found that the most important role of the teacher is to connect with students, motivate and encourage them to learn.

Take a few moments to watch this video questioning if technology has altered the way students learn, retain or disseminate information:


3 thoughts on “Technology on the past and present state of education

  1. Francine, So true. I am concerned many teachers don’t understand this role. I think if they did, AND utilized the revolutionary tools when they arrive they would have an even greater impact, or a two-fer.

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  2. Francine you are so right, it is all about the relationships and connections that teachers make with their students, they have to know that they are cared about by their teacher, that is the greatest motivation of all.

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  3. Sad to say we have focused on the wrong things in education when it comes to technology. Instead of focusing ongoing professional development for teachers, how technology will help support student learning and how technology will allow students to demonstrate their learning; we focused solely on purchasing technology and placing computers in the classroom. Many districts and schools did this because of the pressure that came from private and higher income public schools ability to purchase technology for their students and teachers. Many of these schools did not have to have specific learning outcomes because the students had the financial resources to receive the support they needed when it came to utilizing technology. The rest of our schools and students (which a majority) did not have that capability and we have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on technology plans not focus on education. What a waste.


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