Just right books…Wonderful things happen when children read at their level

One of the biggest areas where students are struggling at my site and around the nation is in literacy. And early intervention is not prescribed as part of the average RtI plan. What about our Kindergarten through third graders that are below level? Where can we start?

Attached is a short article on the importance of children reading just right books. Richard Allington, an expert in reading and literacy, states that reading abilities of children will significantly improve just by providing kids books at their reading level as well as provide an opportunity for them to read them.

As a result of this research, many of the principals in my area, including myself have started establishing classroom libraries so that our students will have access to many books at their reading level in their classrooms.

Moreover, some of us have started using assessments (i.e., Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)) to determine what level kids are at, as it is crucial that children are reading independently at their level.

Although I have discussed classroom libraries, this article is about reading at home and getting books in kids hands at home. While my colleagues and I may not have the resources to buy books for each student’s home, what we can do is allow students to take a couple of just right books home every day from school. We are aware that some books may get lost or never return back to school, but the literacy gain will far outweigh the possible risks.



3 thoughts on “Just right books…Wonderful things happen when children read at their level

  1. I agree that literacy is one of the major determining factors that can be used to measure student success after third grade. One of the most difficult challenges for schools has always been unlocking the process that will make reading a priority in their classrooms.
    I really like level readers that provide an assessment to determine a students current reading level. Next, the goal is to select books that are appropriate for them. Here is the catch, someone needs to read with the student assisting with fluency and comprehension .
    Eventually and hopefully, students will learn to love reading, especially if they start reading from early in the life.


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