PKM: Finding the system that works for you

As I continue to revise and construct my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system, I have come to realize that I use quite a bit of social media and I need to learn how to curate my information more effectively. So what does a girl do when she has no clue? She Googles…yes, I am an awesome Googler!

I need a system that will streamline my finds and assist me by being user-friendly since I am a PKM rookie. While I was searching for information, I found a great article on Edutopia’s Facebook page titled, 8 Apps For Staying Organized. This article gave me some alternatives to what my cohort was introduced to in our Technology class.

I hope it is helpful to you in your search for a system that works for you:


2 thoughts on “PKM: Finding the system that works for you

  1. Part of it for me can be less about the tool and more about my habits. Whenever I find myself emailing articles to myself, I know that I either need to tweak my system, or get back in the habit of bookmarking stuff.

    There are some good app recommendations here (hadn’t seen that common core one before), though none of them are going to solve the problem like a social bookmarking tool will (like Delicious or Diigo).


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