“HOLA!”… No need to yell; I’m not deaf, just a second-language learner

Why do many people, when speaking to others who do not speak English, yell or raise their voice? I know that when my Grandmother says, “Huh Mijita?” I automatically assume it’s because she cannot hear me. I forget that my Grandmother’s first language is not English.

As a high school ELD teacher, I learned to stop raising my voice and to slow down my speaking. This allowed me to model to the students how to form their mouths when pronouncing some words. We English only speakers forget that we speak rather quickly sometimes. I also found that embedding fun activities, like games, into my lesson plans assisted with student engagement and the want to learn English.

One of the more successful strategies I learned is to connect with your students through their language and yours. Meaning, learn a word or Spanish, Tagalog, Italian, Punjabi, or whatever language your student’s primary language is a day. When you model learning and allow the student to feel successful, you end up with a group of students that will take risks and trust not only their peers but the adult in the room as well.

For more ELL strategies: http://edut.to/1yqhBoM.

Until next time…hasta la proxima vez….hanggang sa susunod na beses…fino alla prossima volta…agali vara jada taka


One thought on ““HOLA!”… No need to yell; I’m not deaf, just a second-language learner

  1. Your post is really good and very powerful to language acquisition. What it reminds me is that EDD 703 for me is like learning a new language. Frustration, but excitement because I am learning something new that I will be using forever, which is the same feeling I had as an English learner.

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